Praising God for BEDS!!!


The BED-NEED has been totally met!!! Thanks to the amazing support and mission gifts of friends and mission partners, this huge need has been provided — for all 500 BEDS.

Praise Jesus!!! And thank you to everyone who prayed and who gave. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

We’re praising God . . .

This past month, it was exciting to begin seeing some significant progress in our LOVING ORPHANS mission project to purchase BUNK BEDS for all of the children at Guma Na Yesu “Keep with Jesus” Children’s Center.

We serve a BIG God!

These metal bunk-beds (which are quite cheerful-looking . . . and which are bringing SO much joy to everyone at Guma) cost $33 per child (or per level).

This amount multiplied by the remaining 300 kids adds up to a total cost of about $9,000 for the completion of this project. It’s a BIG need, but it really will make a huge difference to each child and to the overall living standard of the orphanage. We really desire to get these mattresses off of the ground! (NOTE: This need is completely sponsored!!! Praise JESUS!!!)

Helping a young man (an orphan) in business!

Plus, an exciting additional blessing is that we’re buying these bunk beds from one of the GROWN ORPHAN boys, a godly young man, who was raised in this children’s home. This mission project and purchase will be a double blessing for God’s kingdom.

Please PRAY!

Most of all, we are asking for your PRAYER SUPPORT. Please pray for God’s provision and favor. We believe this “dream” is God’s desire and we know that He will take care of it.

The kids are praying for you too . . .

“WE’RE PRAYING FOR MEGAN’S 9 YEAR OLD CHILD: Megan’s 9 year old has been collecting coins for helping children at Guma Na Yesu through Harvest Ministry. This 9 year old child is now sick, the children have started praying for him today morning, please be with us in prayer for total healing of this child in the name of Jesus. (Update from Uganda, January 16 – 2013)

God bless you!

In His Love and Service,
Jon & Ann Dunagan
LOVING ORPHANS with Harvest Ministry

Our HMFI Vision (with a video testimony)

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