Pray for Ireland . . . as we GO!!!

Harvest Ministry’s Mission to Ireland . . .

Jon & Ann Dunagan will be GOING on a mission outreach to Ireland, ministering to families and churches throughout the country, together with Josh & Anna Dunagan,
in late April and May, 2012.

Prayer Focus for Ireland:

In previous generations, Ireland was a predominantly Christian nation, even “sending” missionaries to other countries and helping to spread the Gospel throughout Europe.

Today, according to a recent European Believers report, less than 1% of the people of Ireland are born-again believers (only 0.62%). That percentage is so low.

As mission-minded families, we need to PRAY for Ireland

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Harvest Ministry’s upcoming mission to Ireland
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Early feedback from THE SCARLET CORD

The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, a brand-new book by Jon & Ann Dunagan, has just been released. Already, exciting feedback is coming in . . .

A Concise Call to World Missions

What others are saying . . .

“I just received and read most of your new book (in one sitting!), The Scarlet Cord.
What a blessing, how very inspiring it is!”
–Tiffany W. Aberdeen, SD

“Blessings upon you both. Thank you for your wonderful gift to our church — The Scarlet Cord. Everyone was so appreciative. I trust God will use it to enlarge our hearts for missions. It brought a new love for the lost as I read it. You both inspire because of your deep love for the Lord and for missions.”
–Peggy C. The Dalles, OR

“The Scarlet Cord by Jon & Ann Dunagan: just read through this book and highly recommend it. It is a wonderful resource for missions and reaching your world with the message of Christ. Check out their website (here) and get the book.
They are true heroes of faith!”
–Steve Stern, Bend, OR

“Oh, I just LOVE The Scarlet Cord! It’s such a great resource for every disciple everywhere. As soon as I get past my book deadline, I’m going to do a blog review on it. Please remind me if you don’t see it come up some time in April. Thank you for living lives worth writing about for the fame of the only God worth serving. We love you!”
–Bo Stern, Bend, OR

Learn more about The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus
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Please pray with us for God’s will to be done through this book project and for many people to be impacted with an increased passion for winning the lost for Jesus Christ.

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Upcoming Mission to IRELAND!!!

Ministering to Families . . . in Ireland!

Coming up soon, Jon & Ann Dunagan, along with Josh & Anna Dunagan, are going to be ministering throughout the nation of Ireland, motivating families to be more effective for God’s kingdom and encouraging churches for world missions.

The churches of Ireland need our prayer support. Less than 1% of Ireland is evangelical Christian, and there is a great need for the Gospel. Please pray for God’s will to be done on this mission outreach and for His eternal purposes to be accomplished.

upcoming ministry schedule . . .

April 29-30 – Life Church
Portaoise, Ireland
(Sunday morning service, and evening service for adults and for youth)

May 1 – Elim Church Glen Road Monaghan
Monagham County, Ireland
(Tuesday evening service, 8:30 p.m.)

May 2 – Meath Christian Centre in Navan
Meath County, Ireland
(Wednesday evening service, 8:00 p.m.)

May 3 – Oasis Christian Fellowship in Roscrea
Tipperary Country, Ireland
(Thursday evening service, 8:00 p.m.

May 4, 5, 6 – Effective Parenting and Family Life Weekend Conference
Westport and Castlebar, Ireland
(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday services)

a few words from others . . .

“We’re so thrilled . . . I have an excitement in my spirit about this and believe that God is behind this 100%!” –Pastor Peter & Martha Finch – Westport Ireland

“We are looking forward to hearing your hearts. We are similar in that we have a heart for nations and believe strongly in family.”
–Pastor James & Rachel Krechnyak
– Portaoise, Ireland

“So excited you guys are going to be coming to Ireland! I’m sure you could be a great encouragement! I know you will love the church and Pastor James and Rachel are really wonderful people who Love God and have a heart for missions and evangelism. They are YWAMers. Look forward to hearing you share. I’m sure whatever you bring will be a great encouragement to the church!” –Heather Church, engaged to a missionary from Ireland