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Resources for Prayer, Evangelism, and Discipleship

Global Expeditions – TeenMania
Opportunities for teen mission trips

Gospel Projects International
A new mission directed by Josh & Anna Dunagan (Jon & Ann’s son & daughter-in-law)

International Faith Telegraph
World Christian News and Mission News

Mission Atlas Project
A fun resource for all ages to learn about world missions

The Four Spiritual Laws
Share the Gospel with the 4-Spiritual Laws – in many languages!

The JESUS Film – in many languages!
Learn about the JESUS Film project

The Joshua Project – Unreached People Groups
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YWAM – Youth With A Mission
Learn about Youth With A Mission — books, discipleship training, and family mission opportunities

Recommended Mission Books & Resources

A quick look at a few of our favorite mission-minded books . . .

Balancing Missions & Motherhood

Finding God’s balance for motherhood and ministry is sometimes a difficult (and continually changing) tug-of-war; but I believe the struggle is healthy . . .

(Photo: Ann Dunagan encouraged many women in ministry from Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania at the recent HMFI – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International leadership conference in Uganda, East Africa.)

Most of the time, just doing another load of laundry, or drilling the kids on grammar, or reading a bedtime story . . . doesn’t seem very important. But God sees the big picture. He highly esteems motherhood and He values a faithful mom who is willing to lay down her “big dreams” . . . to serve her family. And at the same time, He sees the lost and the reality of heaven and hell . . .

God cares about my kids and God cares about the lost. As a mission-minded mom, how can I keep these two “pulls “on my heart in balance — in a way that will truly please the heart of the Lord?

Screaming Babies & Praying Mommas . . .

Today, Ann is leading a discussion about balancing missions and motherhood over at Passionate Homemaking (a great site especially for young women and moms, focused on simple, natural, and intentional living).

The featured article is: Screaming Babies & Praying Mommas. Come see . . . > > >

Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny

Often, parents and teachers ask their children, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” In a world that is increasingly self-seeking, self-centered, and self-absorbed, the answers are consistently more egocentric–”a movie star,” “a rock star,” “a dance star . . . ”



Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny
By Ann Dunagan (Published by InterVarsity Press)


Seeking First the Kingdom in a Self-Absorbed Culture

A Press Release by B & B Media Group, Dallas, TX:

Often, parents and teachers ask their children, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” In a world that is increasingly self-seeking, self-centered, and self-absorbed, the answers are consistently more egocentric–”a movie star,” “a rock star,” “a dance star.”

Even within the church, this present generation is fixated on obtaining fame, wealth, and pleasure. But shouldn’t we be encouraging our children’s willingness to surrender to God’s plans for their futures? Shouldn’t our question instead be, “Oh, I wonder what awesome plans God has for your life! When you grow up, will you do whatever GOD wants you to do?”

In her book, The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny (InterVarsity Press), author, teacher, and missionary, Ann Dunagan shows parents how to combat the influence of the “Me Generation” by giving readers the tools to revolutionize their families into ones dedicated to fulfilling God’s will and potential, instead of their own. In the first chapter of her book, Dunagan quotes David Shibley as he clearly addresses the current crisis within the church.

“We whine, ‘I just want to know my purpose; I’ve got to reach my destiny.” We race all over the country to attend ‘destiny conferences,’ and we devour tapes and books on ‘reaching your full potential . . . ‘ Even cloaking our self-centeredness in Christian garb and jargon cannot cover the nakedness of this cult of self that has infested much of the church . . . How can we ever hope to discover our purpose in the earth with little or no interest in His purpose?”

Dunagan, who also wrote The Mission-Minded Child, brings the same perspective to what it means to be a mission-minded family. Her goal is to equip today’s godly parents to train our next generation to make a powerful impact for Jesus Christ by directing their focus outward. “Every day, approximately 150,000 people die; the majority of these people are not saved, and far too many have never even heard God’s Good News of salvation,” says Dunagan. “How can we sit back and hear the Gospel again and again, while many are still waiting to hear it for the first time? [adapted from a mission quote by Oswald J. Smith]. Today’s Christian families desperately need to remember that our purpose in this world involves so much more than what we can attain for ourselves. We’re here to reach the lost.”

The Mission-Minded Family includes suggested activities for families to participate in missions together, as well as resources to help families develop the desire to become more missions-focused. Dunagan discusses the need for families to balance and prioritize their everyday lives and delves into what a family’s finances would look like if they were focused on missions. Families who read and practice principles from this book will receive a rekindled closeness as they participate in ministry together.

“In a mission-minded family, there’s a God-infused energy,” Dunagan explains. “There’s a focus on God’s worldwide purpose and a passion for the lost.” There’s a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity.”

Packed with motivating missions stories, hymns, and quotes, The Mission-Minded Family is a quick resource tool with examples of missionary family heroes, ministry ideas, exciting prayer projects, and even practical tips for international travel. Filled with passionate inspiration, The Mission-Minded Family will be picked up again and again, read aloud, and used as a reference for years to come.

You can also find The Mission-Minded Family at, YWAM Publishing,, CBN’s, and STL – Authentic Books

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Mission-Minded Life Planning & Prayer Guide

Do you want to set aside time to seek God’s will? Do you want your life and your family to become more effective for God’s Kingdom . . . and for ETERNITY?

This year, don’t just make empty New Year’s resolutions that you’re likely to forget by February; instead, pray and seek God for His specific plans and purposes for your LIFE.

Get focused on God’s eternal mission and His long-term vision (including His Great Commandment — to love God and to love others, and His Great Commission — to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who don’t yet know Him).

And no matter what “job” you do for a living, may you and your family be a part of expanding God’s Kingdom, both in your own sphere of influence and across the world.

Introducing your FREE New Year’s Guide

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In His Harvest,
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