Rescuing One of God’s Girls . . . in Uganda!

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Over the years, we’ve featured numerous posts along this theme, but now we’re specifically going to focus some regular articles for teenage girls, to encourage interaction and a heart for missions. Today’s post features a Christi wrote several years ago, about the needs of one precious abused girl, named Jennifer. This essay was only the beginning of God stirring His compassion in Christi’s heart; it eventually led to the founding of Harvest Ministry’s orphan outreach . . .

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Rescuing one of God’s girls . . . in Uganda

A true story of one precious orphan girl from Harvest Ministry’s Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center, in Uganda, East Africa. –By Christi Dunagan (originally written at age 15)

Eight-year-old Jennifer huddled in the dark corner of her grandmother’s hut. Once again, she was locked in this repulsive room with no food, and no hope . . .

Sometimes Jennifer was left alone for days while her grandmother wasted what little money they had. Most likely, the old woman would return home — drunk — and beat the girl until she could barely stand.

Jennifer knew nothing of happiness.

When she was very young, her parents were victims of Uganda’s number one killer: AIDS; and now, she was yet another victim: of poverty, hunger, and abuse.

Hearing footsteps outside her door, Jennifer looked up. Maybe she would finally be released from this small damp prison she was forced to call home . . . but no.


Here’s a picture of this rescued orphan girl, Jennifer, today (now six years after Christi wrote the article). This precious young woman is still living with our dear friends, Naboth & Alice, and she continues to be a vital testimony about God’s hand on these beautiful orphan children. The most recent report is so beautiful. Our friend Naboth wrote:

Jennifer is now in primary four. She sleeps and “feeds” at Pastor Naboth & Alice’s home, and she is very bright and hard working. She “leads praising” in Sunday school. Her hope and happiness is restored, as God has healed her wounds.

Join the conversation . . .

Okay Daring Daughters . . . let’s hear your thoughts.
What “struck” you about Jennifer’s story? Did anything in particular hit your heart? And have any of you girls ever had a heart for orphans, or for Africa? . . .

Daring Daughters

DARING DAUGHTERS is a vision to inspire teenage girls for missions & God’s purposes. Our heart is for teens & ‘tweens, ages 10 to 20 (plus moms & mentors!!!).

Welcome to our Daring Daughters blog!

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Inspiring young women . . . for world missions

DARING DAUGHTERS is co-directed by Ann and Christi Dunagan, mother and daughter.
It’s a vision to inspire girls for world missions, based on this verse from the Bible:

“And how shall they preach, except they be sent?
As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them
that preach the gospel of peace,
and bring glad tidings of good things!”

–Romans 10:15

the real lasting beauty . . .

There’s more to being beautiful than outward appearance, and there’s more to being godly than simply looking good in church. It’s more than just saying “NO” to impurity and sin; God also wants us to get His heart for the world, and for us to say “YES” to His purposes, which might not always be easy . . . or admired.

Remarkable women have gone before us, godly and daring daughters like Amy Carmichael, Florence Nightingale, Lottie Moon, and Elisabeth Elliot.

These women made a difference. They embarked on adventures that took them around the world. They rescued orphans, they loved the lost, and they made tremendous sacrifices. Some married dangerous men, and stood by their side, even when things were tough. They dared to go — wherever God would lead. They dared to pray — and they let God’s compassion move their hearts. And they dared to love the world — with a passion that was self-sacrificing, and eternally beautiful.

motivating girls to get God’s heart . . .

Through this new vision of DARING DAUGHTERS, we have some exciting things ahead for the next few months (specifically before Christi gets married in June — to Trae Childs, an awesome 3rd generation missionary from Niger, West Africa!!!) to inspire teen girls to get God’s heart for the hurting people of this world — both nearby, or in faraway nations. We want to stir young women to care for those who are hurting, and to deepen their love for God. Our desire is to motivate girls to be willing to trust God, and to follow Him, no matter what.

God may or may not call you to live in a foreign country, but He has called to obey God’s Great Commission. As women of God, we’re called to love God, to love others, and to work with God to expand His kingdom.

We invite you to join us in the adventure.

Girls, let’s DARE to obey God.

In His Love,
Ann & Christi

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Video Mission Highlights from INDIA

Exciting mission highlights from Josh & Anna Dunagan’s ministry — with GOSPEL PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL — on their most recent outreach to SE India.

Highlights including special time with the 20 children at Aasha “Hope” Children’s Home, preaching in remote village churches, teaching at the new Gummileru Bible Institute, appointing and praying over new H.M.F.I. ministers, and leading people to Jesus. It is such a blessing to work with the national ministers, and we are grateful for the national leadership of Paul Sundersingh and all of the India N.E.T.S. Ministers.

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Josh & Anna are launching out into ministry and missions FAST and STRONG. They’re totally trusting God for all that He’s calling them to do, and are believing for God’s full provision for all of the 20 orphan children and 2 mommas, all 3 of the India NETS ministers and their families, the brand-new Bible school, for future evangelism and missions into other nations (all under their new ministry name “GOSPEL PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL”) and for all of their own personal needs. it’s pretty exciting for a couple of young newlyweds!!!

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