“The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined” (Isaiah 9:2).

In a land that has been spiritually DARK — known for witchcraft, AIDS, false religions, and even cannibalism — the LIGHT of JESUS is now SHINING BRIGHT.

Be encouraged with this 4-minute mission summary video highlighting Harvest Ministry’s recent outreach to the city of Kagadi, in Uganda, East Africa. And please continue to PRAY for these precious people!


Thank you for sending us!

We appreciate everyone who prayed, encouraged, and helped to support this Kagadi mission outreach possible. And we especially thank God for all the ministry leadership (and HARD WORK) given by our ministry co-workers (& NETS ministers), our entire Harvest Ministry crusade team and technicians, and all the local Kagadi pastors, ushers, and workers.

Please continue to keep all of these wonderful national ministers and their families in your prayers, along with all the new believers in both Kagadi, Uganda and Kenga, Uganda.

If you would like to become a missions & prayer partner with Harvest Ministry, just send us your mailing address (for USA & Canada addresses), and we’d be happy to send you our monthly ministry newsletter.

In His Love & Harvest,
Jon & Ann

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Testimony of God’s POWER in KAGADI!

Kagadi, Uganda

God’s POWER definitely moved in a mighty way during Harvest Ministry’s recent city-wide outreach to KAGADI, UGANDA. All together about 14,000 people crowded in to hear the Gospel (in total combined attendance over all the meetings), and we praise God for each life that was changed and impacted by God’s WORD, and HIS LIFE-CHANGING POWER!

We rejoice that approximately 4,000 prayed to surrender their lives to JESUS CHRIST by repenting of their sins, surrendering their lives to the LORD, and receiving God’s salvation through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection. In an area steeped in witchcraft and horrible practices, many were healed, delivered from demonic strongholds, and set FREE by the power of God. What an exciting time!

Please keep this area, and these new believers in PRAYER, as we rejoice together in all that God is doing in this area. The following photos present a “sneak preview” of our exciting mission report from KAGADI, UGANDA.)

Thank you for sending us . . .

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P.S. Jon Dunagan arrived safely home in Oregon, USA, after a close-call emergency airplane landing — read about God’s protection – here. A few news sources reported the event (and here & here two even quoted Jon’s reaction (quoted from this Harvest Ministry website), although mistakenly claiming Jon’s ‘home country’ is NETHERLANDS).

Daily Prayer Updates

October 9, 2010 – FULL DAY!!!

JON: (early in the morning) We have a very full day today – We will meet with all pastors to encourage them. Then we will go deep into KENGA VILLAGE to encourage the newly planted church there (see comments below), then come back for tonight’s open-air evangelistic outreach in the city of KAGADI.

text 2 – This area has so much HIV/AIDS, it is crazy. At the evening meetings, people are really attentive. So far, there have been about 4,000 to 5,000 each night. Let’s see what God will do today!

text 3 – Kenga village has been notorious for cannibalism. A local pastor recently planted a church there. We spent 4 hours ministering to and encouraging the new believers.

text 4 – About 150 packed the small church. I preached from I Peter 1:18-19. About 12 people prayed to receive Christ. When we prayed for the sick, WOW, sooo many were set free from demons.

text 5 – The church, Kenga Village, really put on the ritz for us — fresh cow manure on floor and pulpit. And a huge feast for us (chicken and pork) – I made sure of the meat!

text 6 – The fresh manure keeps away certain noxious insects, (but it draws flies.)

text 7 – EVENING OUTREACH in KAGADI: Maybe 5,000 tonight. Many saved. So many demon possessed people. Preached Acts 8:9-13. One possessed was trying to chew on my leg!

text 8 – Please pray for a woman who claims that she has been pregnant for 12 months — to deliver. She snuck out of the hospital to be prayed for. She has been in much pain.

EXCITING MISSION REPORT!!! – All together during the KAGADI OUTREACH, through all the evening evangelistic Harvest crusades, church services, and pastor’s meetings, there was a combined total of 14,000 in attendance! At least 4,000 prayed to receive God’s salvation and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Tell everyone thanks so much for praying. We have a long drive tomorrow.

October 8, 2010 – LIGHTNING, RAINSTORM, & SOULS!!!

JON: I preached from Matthew 4:16. Many hundreds of people surrendering to Jesus. As demon-possessed people were carried onto the platform, a tremendous lightning and rainstorm hit. WOW. Everyone soaked!

Some demon possessed people were being set free only 100 yards from the platform. Preached hard about Jesus and His sinless blood. He alone can save.

later that night: Well, it’s 10pm and we’re still waiting for dinner. We hear it’s roasted goat on a stick. Everything is so dirty and muddy.


October 7, 2010 – LIVE MISSION UPDATE from Kagadi!!!

Local Kagadi believers leading in praise and worship to the Lord!

A glimpse of the gathering crowd – Pray for these people!

Already, many are surrendering to Jesus!!!

TEXTS received this morning:

JON: “Live from the crusade platform: about 3,000 decisions for Jesus Christ. Many demon possessed people set free. Pray for more souls!”

ANN: “Awesome. Praising God with you. Thx for giving us a glimpse of the JOY and the harvest. Let us know specific ways to focus our prayers and strongholds to come against.”

JON: “Biggest problem here is a cult that has many followers. The leader claims to be Jesus/god come back to earth. He even produces a few supernatural signs. But it’s all about power, money, and women. Please pray for eyes to be opened to the real JESUS!!!”
Also, “We’ve been told to never eat meat unless you know for sure what it is. Hmmmm. I think I will go vegan for a while!”


October 6, 2010

After flying across the world, Jon Dunagan arrived safely at the Entebbe airport, now ready for a full-day drive NW (toward the border of DR Congo) to the remote and isolated city of Kagadi. They say, “We must fish the deep waters!”

>> Pray for safety as the remaining team is traveling on dangerous African roads, for the Holy Spirit to PREPARE the hearts of the people to come to the outreach to heart and to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for wisdom and anointing for the advance team (led by NETS minister, Paul Kintu, and worship leader, Geoffry) who have been in Kagadi.

Luke 5:4,10b When He had stopped speaking, He [Jesus] said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”. . . And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.”

October 5, 2010

For the past few months, Harvest Ministry’s team has been preparing the way (in prayer and advance work) for this week’s city-wide Gospel Outreach in Kagadi, Uganda. Currently, Jon Dunagan is traveling to Africa, and will soon meet up with our co-workers and NETS ministers, along with all of our national ministry team members, including our music leader, Harvest Ministry’s hard-working technicians, along with many freshly-trained local ushers and ministry workers.

>>This week, we’re praying specifically for SOULS in Kagadi to be saved, and for a spiritual breakthrough in this needy area.

A specific verse we’re praying over this area of Kagali is Isaiah 9:2: “The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined.”

Previous Kagadi posts . . .

We appreciate everyone who has joined with us in prayer and support for the upcoming KAGADI, UGANDA outreach. In a recent newsletter (sent in the mail to our mission partners), we mentioned our need for “POWER”: both spiritually — for prayer support, and physically — for a new generator (to replace our old one which finally “bit the dust” after years of rugged mission service). We’re delighted to report that God has provided for this GENERATOR, which is now purchased and ready to GO for mission evangelism!

Outreach mission preparations are continuing throughout the area of Kagadi (led by worship leader, Geoffry, and NETS minister, Paul Kintu), as thousands of flyers are being distributed and local Christians are being mobilized. Please pray for God’s Holy Spirit to draw people to hear the Gospel and for spiritual strongholds (especially of witchcraft and cannibalism) to be broken. Pray for God’s POWER to be released as people learn what Jesus did for them on the cross. Pray for open hearts and for multitudes to repent of their sins and to surrender to the Lord.

As you pray with us for Kagali, ask the Lord to give YOU more of His passion for souls. Missionary Hudson Taylor had such a heart for the lost, he said, “I feel I cannot go on living unless I do something for China.” Taylor grew to realize that his purpose reached beyond his own temporal desires, to making an impact for God’s kingdom, and for eternity.

As a family note, we’re having a great visit with our son Patrick, who will deploy with the USMC to Afghanistan in a few weeks. Wedding plans are also underway, for our son Josh and his lovely bride-to-be, Anna, and for Ann’s sister Sue (to Dr. Bradley Stuart, an international minister from South Africa). It’s an eventful time, and we appreciate your continued love for us . . . and for the lost. Enclosed is a copy of our recent prayer card, with both ministry and family highlights. We appreciate your prayers!


In His Love & Harvest,
Jon & Ann (& all)

P.S. If you would like a hard-copy of this mission postcard, to put up on your refrigerator or in your Bible (as a reminder to continue to be praying for this upcoming outreach), please contact us, and let us know if you’d like to receive our monthly mission newsletters!

Earlier post on Kagadi, Uganda

God’s Protection During Flight Emergency!!!


We’re praising God for His protection over Jon Dunagan, as he was flying home (en route to Oregon, USA) from Harvest Ministry’s recent KAGADI mission outreach in Uganda, EAST AFRICA.

Today (on 10/10/10), during Jon’s initial flight home (via KLM airlines, departing from Entebbe, Uganda to Amsterdam, Netherlands) a near flight disaster was averted.

During departure, a large bird flew (or was sucked) into the engine; the plane engine caught fire, and gasoline dumped out in midair. Jon wrote in a text message that the plane sounded like it was falling apart during take-off. Immediately, the plane had an emergency landing back at the Entebbe airport. During the emergency landing, the plane nearly flipped, and Jon reported that it felt like they almost crashed. Passengers were unloaded onto the runway, as FIRE TRUCKS were present. Jon said the situation was “very terrifying.”

We are praising God for His supernatural protection, and THANK YOU for your continued prayers over this mission outreach and everyone involved.

P.S. Jon Dunagan arrived safely home in Oregon, after this close-call. A few news sources, see here and here, reported the event, and two see here and here even quoted Jon’s reaction (from this Harvest Ministry website), although mistakenly claimed Jon’s ‘home country’ is NETHERLANDS).

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Daring Daughters . . . and Dirty Feet

I’ve always had this “thing” for baby feet. I pull off darling shoes, and little newborn socks, and just want to kiss each of those tiny toes! I always ponder where a baby’s precious feet will go, and about God’s destiny and purpose for each new life.

But speaking as a mother, what happens when our kids grow up, and God perhaps would call our sons, or our DAUGHTERS, to dangerous places?

Daring Daughters . . . and Dirty Feet


Our oldest daughter, Christi, recently climbed a mountain barefoot. She didn’t want to wear out her TOMS, which incidentally are shoes produced by a company that helps kids in impoverished countries . . . . who don’t have shoes. These dirty feet actually give a pretty clear glimpse of our daughter. Christi’s always dreamed of daring things for God.

She’s grown up on a steady diet of missionary biographies — Amy Carmichael, Gladys Aylward, Florence Nightingale, Lottie Moon, and Elisabeth Elliot; but she’s done more than merely read about godly self-sacrificing women. Christi’s been living-out her own mission adventure story, as she’s also continually dreaming about the future.

The Bible says, “And how shall they preach, except they be sent?

as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace,

and bring glad tidings of good things!” – Romans 10:15

For more about the vision for Daring Daughters — including the new facebook page, twitter page, upcoming events, and blogtalk radio show, please click here . . .


Raising daughters . . . to fulfill God’s destiny

I want to be a mom who encourages each of our children to completely fulfill God’s destiny — not by our own efforts, but by God’s GRACE!!! Jon and I know that each of our sons, and our DAUGHTERS, have been entrusted by God into our family to be raised FOR HIM and His mission-minded and eternal purposes. We want each of our kids, including each son and each DAUGHTER, to fully obey God’s call and purpose for his or her life.

Sometimes, as a caring and loving mom (who remembers kissing our babies’ feet and tucking away their precious hand-knitted booties for the next generation), that can be challenging and stretching.

But oh, what a JOY!!!!

Our daughter, Christi



Here are a few pictures of our daughter on a mission outreach in East Africa. Christi was instrumental in helping to establish Harvest Ministry’s orphanage outreaches in Uganda, currently caring for hundreds of children orphaned primarily because of AIDS.

During her last year at home, Christi worked tirelessly in our ministry office, coordinating child sponsors and sharing needs. She’s traveled the globe to share the Gospel and to help others; but her passion for people who need Jesus is just as fervent here in the United States! She loves to mentor young women, to pray for those who are hurting, to speak out for world missions, and to have fun with community outreach projects (just last weekend, on Oct. 31st, she worked alongside an “army” of college students in an exciting city-wide canned-food drive!).

As mothers in God’s kingdom, we need to not only raise our own daughters to love the Lord, but realize that there are multitudes of God’s precious daughters throughout the world, who desperately need all the motherly-and-sisterly-love we can give, along with our sacrificial support and prayer.

Fulfilling a dream . . . for God’s girls in Cambodia

As for Christi, she’s now in her final year at ORU. This semester, she’s writing her senior paper, focusing on the horrible issues surrounding child prostitution and international human trafficking and the necessary process of healing after sexual abuse. She’s also preparing to be an ATL (Assistant Team Leader) for an upcoming two-month ORU summer mission to Cambodia, in Asia.

It’s amazing how God puts all the details together. Some people say that homeschool families isolate their children and keep them sheltered from the world. For us, we have protected our kids and teens from allowing compromising friends and lifestyles of sinful distractions, as we’ve covered them in the power and blood of Jesus Christ, so they can IMPACT a dark world with the bright light of our wonderful Lord.

Interceding for God’s girls . . .  in Iran

As a side-note, I (Ann) have had a tremendous burden this week for persecuted women, especially in Iran, who are being abused and tortured for their unfailing love for Jesus Christ. Just today, I received a specific prayer request from Voice of the Martyrs to uphold two beautiful Christian girls in Iran, Maryam and Marzieh, who are suffering persecution right NOW for their faith.

Please pray for our daughter Christi, for Mayam and Marzieh, and for God to give all of us more of His passion for ALL of His daughters throughout the world.

I love Proverbs 31. Sometimes we neglect to read all the verses about God’s virtuous women. As moms, we don’t need to be afraid about what is to come, for our household is “clothed in scarlet” (protected by the blood of Jesus). We need to reach out our “hand to the needy” and train our daughters to be women who “fear the Lord.”

Here are my favorite verses from Proverbs 31:

“Open your mouth for the speechless,

for the cause of all who are appointed to die.

Open your mouth and judge righteously,

and plead for the cause of the poor and the needy.”

Proverbs 31:8-9

May we raise daring daughters, perhaps with dirty feet, who will fully obey and follow God’s plan and purposes, in complete obedience and submission to Him, with fervent love.

God is so good.

May His goodness flow through us, and through our sons and our DAUGHTERS.

11/18/2009 – PRAISE REPORT: Just received news today via twitter (on @persecutionblog and The Voice of the Martyrs) that the two women in Iran, Maryam & Marziah, both mentioned in this article, were just SET FREE after 259 days in prison!!!)

QUOTE from persecutionblog.com: “VOM’s friend, Elam Ministries, which serves the growing church in Iran, has announced that Maryam Rustampoor and Marzieh Amirizadeh have been released from Evin Prison in Tehran. Family members picked them up at the prison this afternoon, Iran time. The two women immediately expressed thanks to Christians around the world who had prayed for them during their 259 days in prison.

“Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the Lord and to his people who have prayed and worked for our release,” they said.