A Mission-Minded Family Legacy

afternoon readingToday, the Christian Post is featuring a fascinating article about the generational legacy of a wonderful mission-minded family hero.

Hudson Taylor, the legendary missionary to China, is an outstanding example of how to effectively balance a passion for ministry and for family. Hudson Taylor was known as a man of consistent prayer and daily devotion to God’s word. Along with his world-impacting ministry, he was consistent at home and believed in the spiritual training and discipleship of his own children.

And what a difference this balance made, not only during his own lifetime, but even today, three complete generations later. Hudson Taylor died in 1905, yet over 100 years later, his godly legacy is still making Christian news headlines. What a beautiful mission-minded family example!

Take a look at this: Great-Grandson of Legendary Missionary to China Dies.

April Mission to BUKWO, Uganda

Keep watching this post for daily updates from this week’s Harvest Ministry mission outreach to BUKWO, UGANDA, and please PRAY for many people to repent and to surrender to JESUS CHRIST!!!

Harvest Ministry’s mission to Bukwo, Uganda is April 13th through April 21st (with the actual evangelistic outreach dates from Thursday, April 15th to Saturday, April 17th). Bukwo is a remote and isolated area in East Africa, on the Uganda/ Kenya border. This lush region is located inside of an extinct volcano, with a population consisting of various mixed tribes (with primarily tribal religions). As far as we know, this hidden area has never had a public open-air GOSPEL OUTREACH. Please pray for SOULS to be saved as we share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST. PRAYER FOCUS forAPRIL 14th:

  • PRAISE: Jon & Daniel arrived safely into Entebbe, Uganda, after several long flights. They will spend the evening in Kampala, Uganda and then will travel tomorrow morning, by road, on a long drive to Bukwo.
  • HEALTH: Pray for health and strength, and continued safety for traveling.
  • PREPARATION: Continue to pray for the advance team, and for intercession to increase, both in Africa and among prayer supporters in the U.S. (and in other places).


  • ADVANCE TEAM: The Harvest Ministry team is already in BUKWO, UGANDA. The advance team is being led by Ugandan NETS minister, Paul Kintu, and Harvest Ministry’s music leader, Geoffery. Pray for these two national leaders to have wisdom, favor with government leaders, and unity with church believers, as they are finalizing preparations.
  • TRAVEL SAFETY: Also, please pray for traveling safety and health for Jon Dunagan and Daniel Dunagan as they are flying to Uganda, East Africa today (en route through Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Details: Jon Dunagan will be going on this outreach, accompanied by our 17-year-old son, Daniel Dunagan (a homeschooled high school senior), along with Harvest Ministry’s Ugandan evangelism team.