Now, you can organize your own project 4orphans!

The Vision:

We have a vision on our hearts to recruit mission-minded individuals (youth, small groups, and families) to be a new voice for orphans.

MyCause4orphans is a vision to inspire the next generation to see (and to share) the huge needs 4orphans, to pray for a specific “cause” 4orphans on their hearts, and to inspire and equip these individuals to see their cause 4orphans fulfilled.

Here is a short video that can be used for several purposes. First of all, you can watch it (or show it to your kids or small group) to help get a glimpse of the BIG need in the world 4orphans. Secondly, if you want to create your own project 4orphans, this video can be used to help YOU to share with others. This 4 -minute YouTube video includes startling orphan statistics, powerful orphan verses, and practical ideas to help. Take a look! (and feel free to share this video on facebook, twitter, or on your own blog to stir a heart 4orphans):

Participation video:

Believing for an INCREASE OF GOD’S GRACE:

For Harvest Ministry, it is a JOY to now care for hundreds of orphan children in Africa and India. To help meet these needs, we are believing for an increase of God’s GRACE and PROVISION and CREATIVE ideas.


Click on each project for more information:

  • General Needs 4Orphans (Harvest Ministry ORPHANS – where needed most) — #0001
  • Blankets 4Orphans (Harvest Ministry ORPHANS – where needed most) — #0002
  • Mattresses 4Orphans (Harvest Ministry ORPHANS – where needed most) — #0006
  • Purse Projects 4Orphans (Harvest Ministry ORPHANS – where needed most) — #0007
  • Home Grown Mom Project – Kids 4 Orphans
    (Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, & Food – at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center) — #0008

  • MyCause4Orphans:

    Specifically for this MyCause4Orphans youth and family missions and orphans outreach, Harvest Ministry is now partnering with, a Christian mission facilitation organization, based in Bend, Oregon.

    (ATTENTION: YOUTH & FAMILIES with a heart 4orphans: if you, or your family, or your youth group would be interested in learning how YOU could join MyCause4Orphans by helping to “try out” this new idea . . . please see our participation info.)