Exciting Harvest Report – from APAC!


Harvest Ministry just returned from an exciting time of mission evangelism in Northern Uganda, East Africa, in an area called “APAC” (which sounds like “a-patch”). Over the entire outreach approximately 13,000 people heard the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST, and about 1,200 people repented of their sins and surrendered their lives to the Lord.

God moved mightily, and a major highlight was a HUGE thunder, lightning, and a down-pour rain storm (it was like the whole crowd got “water-baptized”) right during the preaching on the second night. Many people testified of being healed, and many were set free by the power of God.

Thank you for your prayers and mission support – to help us to reach SOULS for the Lord!

Prayer Focus:

The local  Christian churches were encouraged and strengthened, and are now busy with follow-up and discipleship and teaching of these brand-new converts.

Please pray for the national pastors and local church leaders in Apac (for compassion, anointing in their preaching and teaching, endurance in their follow-up, and favor with the people). Please also pray for the Holy Spirit to draw these new believers to become grounded in their new-found faith, established in God’s Word and teaching, and “plugged-in” and faithful to one of these local churches.

April 2009 – Mission Outreach to APAC, Uganda

Spring Highlights

200daisyHallelujah – Jesus is Alive!

Hello everybody!

Thanks for coming to visit our brand-new website and blog. We hope you take time to look around . . . and please feel free to share your feedback (as we’re eager to see this new “comment” feature and blog utilized to to encourage back-and-forth communication).

This spring, we’re preparing our hearts and focusing our thoughts on Jon’s upcoming Harvest Ministry Mission to Apac, in Northern Uganda (he leaves in less than a week, on Monday, April 13th, the day after Easter). We’re praying for many souls to be saved, and believing for the Lord to move mightily in that spiritually needy area. Just today we sent out a ministry newsletter (in the mail) to share with our partners, and we appreciate all of you who are standing with us in prayer.

radio-mike1Yesterday, Ann had an encouraging radio interview on KTLF 90.5 FM, a Christian station based in Colorado Springs (broadcast on 39 translators in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as around the world on the internet).  The host, Jerry King, was very gracious as we conducted our first “Quarterly Missions-Minder” – to encourage families about the current need for world missions.

Along with the upcoming Africa outreach, we’re excited about upcoming ministry here in the U.S. throughout the next two months, including:  two days of encouraging missions at a family-oriented church in Portland, Oregon; traveling to ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma for our son Joshua’s college graduation; ministering at a mother-daughter retreat in Silverton, Oregon; speaking at a statewide homeschooling conference in Michigan; and traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas for two live studio interviews (with Family Life Today and Revive Our Hearts ministries). Please see our Upcoming-Recent Events page for more information and links.

In our family’s homeschooling, we are focusing on the Passover, the Cross, and the Resurrection, along with mission-need highlights from throughout the world. We are also in the process of attempting to transfer the entire FREE Teaching With God’s Heart for the World curriculum from our old website, so it can be accessed here, although we’re having some technical difficulties (as the files are large and need to be compressed). We’re learning. 🙂

Please keep us in your prayers, as we seek Jesus . . . and souls (especially for the outreach in Apac). And have a wonderful Easter Week, as we focus on our Lord’s atoning death and His glorious resurrection!

A few mission-minded quotes for this week:

“Cool casual Christianity will accomplish nothing. Our most urgent need is the flaming message of the Cross–now and now at our leisure.” –– Evangelist Reinhart Bonnke

“Don’t leave Jesus in the manger, or on the cross, or in the tomb. He is alive, and even now wants to walk beside you every day.” –-Evangelist Billy Graham

In His Harvest,

Jon & Ann & all

April Outreach to APAC, UGANDA

rsz_uganda_apacApril 13th to 21st, 2009 – Harvest Ministry just returned from an exciting time of mission evangelism in Northern Uganda, East Africa, in an area called “APAC” (which sounds like “a-patch”). Approximately 13,000 people heard the GOOD NEWS of JESUS, and over a thousand people surrendered their lives to the Lord.

Background . . .

This isolated district has been a center for the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) Ugandan rebels and riddled with civil war and horrible human rights violations (slavery, abduction of children, forced child soldiers, prostitution, and other abuses).  It’s a place that needs JESUS!


April 17th –  Current Update & Report from Apac:

The land and spiritual condition in this Apac district is extremely dry, but God is beginning to move and to pour out His Spirit. This morning, there was a minister’s meeting where many national pastors and leaders repented before God of division between the churches. And right after the announcement of this week’s upcoming meetings, there was a physical torrential downpour of rain. We’re praying that God will continue to pour out His presence, open the eyes of these precious people who need Him so desperately, and draw SOULS into His kingdom through the Gospel message – God’s Good News of salvation from sin through the cross of Jesus Christ.

April 18th – Thunder, Lightning, and SOULS!!!

In response, Jon says, “I love my job!!”

Later he said, “It’s still pouring rain! And it’s so much fun preaching with thunder, lighting, rain, and flooding. It makes me feel like Elijah. And it feels like God is in our midst!”

Please continue to pray!

April 19 – Lunch anyone? How ’bout some GOAT GUTS and ANTS??

The city-wide Apac outreach began with approximately 4,000 people in attendance. Already, hundreds of people have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and have prayed to receive God’s salvation . . . in the midst of torrential rain during the preaching. There were also 13 cases of violent demon possession “stacked on the platform.” Everyone was soaked, with mud and water everywhere.

Jon says, “Long Ugandan church services this morning. For lunch: rice, beans, goat guts, and a paste made of sesame seeds and smashed ANTS . . . nice!!!”

The final night outreach in Apac will start soon.

Thanks for your prayers!

April 20th – Such JOY!!!

The final night in Apac concluded with “TOO MUCH JOY!!!” Over the three nights, approximately 13,000 people heard the Gospel message (combined total attendance) and approximately 1,200 individuals prayed to receive God’s salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ. There were many people set free of demonic activity, and many who were touched by the Lord. We thank everyone who has been prayed!

Please Keep Praying:

Continue to pray for all of these new converts, and for the local pastors and church leaders to welcome and to teach and to disciple these young believers. Also, be continuing to pray for safety and strength for Jon and the team as they begin the long journey back to Kampala, Uganda . . . and then home.

These rebels operate under a spiritual mixture of “so-called” Christianity, combined with Islam, witchcraft, sorcery, and tribal animism. This area is so remote, we can’t access it through M.A.F (Missionary Aviation Fellowship). Instead, our team plans to drive in, with all of our evangelistic equipment, for a large city-wide outreach to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Harvest Ministry’s advance team (led by NETS Minister, Paul Kintu), just returned from securing local government permission for this outreach, along with cooperation and prayer support of the few local churches. There are many people in this area who desperately need God’s salvation and deliverance, and Jon is excited to GO!

Jon will also be ministering at Harvest Ministry’s Osanidde Village Orphanage on Bussi Island, and he looks forward to spending time with the children and encouraging the leaders.

Prayer Request: Please pray with us for provision and direction for this upcoming mission, for God to prepare the hearts of people in Apac, and for SOULS to be won to Christ!!!